Ad Slogans

"In beauty, in comfort and performance, we feel that our new car will be a real and pleasant surprise" -H.M. Jewett, 1922



      A Thrifty Six


      Paige Built


      A Chassis Of Great Strength With A Motor Of Sensational Power


      It Has Won A National Friendship


      A 50 Horsepower, Six Cylinder Sedan



      Stylish As It Is Sturdy


      Thrifty Six Built by Paige


      Sparkling Style – Rare Driving Ease


      A Jewett Will Do It


      Leader Of Fashion


      Built Without A Compromise


      Lasting Lustre, Baked Enamel Finish By New Process


      Here’s the New Jewett Six Brougham

         – Lasting Lustre, Baked Enamel Finish by New Process


      Her Jewett Special – “A Dream To Drive”,

         Nimble – Dependable – Smooth – Complete


      A Coupe For Four Real People


      Most Power For Weight – Most Weight For Size


      They Go Anywhere In Their Smooth-riding, Able Jewetts


      Go Into Business For Yourself


      More Power For Weight – Most Weight For Size –

         Hence New Jewett’s Spirited Performance – Enduring Smoothness – Superb Comfort



      Weight = Strength


      In All The World No Car Like This


      Yes, Our Jewett Beats Them All Up-Hill


      Beauty And Amazing Performance


      The Complete De Luxe Beauty


      Jewett’s Proven Motor Gives You Lasting Power


      A Jewett Will Do It


      Leader Of Fashion


      Strength – Dependability – Long Life – Freedom From Repairs –

         Low Upkeep Expense – True Economy


      More Power For Weight – Most Weight For Size –

         Hence New Jewett’s Spirited Performance – Enduring Smoothness – Superb Comfort


      Enclosed Comfort – Joyous Pep


      Why Jewett Wins Wise Buyers


      In All The World No Brougham Like This


      Sixes Do Beat Fours


      One Billion Miles Beyond Experiment


      Baked Enamel Finish – Jewett Quality & Power


      Balloon Tire Comfort – New Color Charms



      25% More Power in the New Jewett Motor


      Now – Permanent Perfected Performance


      Always Making Them Finer


      The Newest, Smartest Coach


      Jewett Announces The Newest Smartest Coach ($1260)


      New De Luxe Brougham, New Autumn Colors – Balloon Tires


      Proved Jewett


      A Triumph We Never Dreamed Could Be So Complete


      They Came – They Saw – They Bought The Greatest Jewett Ever Built



      New Day Cars For New Day Needs


      The New Day Jewett Six


      You Drive In Safety Always


      New Day Performance Unmatched In Any Other Car


      261 “New Models” Introduced in the Past Year

         – But Only 1 “New-Day” Car


      See How Different The Traffic Looks From The Inside Of The New Day Jewett


      You’re Safer Buying Or Driving The New Day Jewett


      It Was Built To Drive, So Drive The New Day Jewett


      Let’s Get This Straight – What Jewett Means By “New Day” Car


      Here’s what The New Day Jewett Six Gives You (For $995)


      When Grandfather Bought His First Car, Even The Top Was Extra


      New Four-Door Sedan and Two-Door Brougham – Jewett Line 1927


      Best Of All – The Many Good Jewett’s (British)


      This Is The Car The Farmer Has Been Waiting For


      The “New Day” Jewett Has Swept America



      Do It In A Jewett (doug t.)


      Oh Ye Of Jewett Faith (anonymous old friend)