Wanted Parts for a 1926 2-dr Sedan with a Continental 18L motor. Distributor with cap & rotor, carburetor, hydraulic wheel cylinders. Steering wheel, front seats, interior door and window crank handles. 8/07

Bob Andersen
250-836-4066 (Summer Can.)
928-341-9311 (Winter AZ)
250-828-2073 (Spring & Fall Canada)



Tail light lens for a 1924 De Luxe Touring, rectangle in size, 6î x 3-3/8,î with a checkered design on one side and smooth on the other.


The pre-heat crossover pipe that goes from the exhaust manifold, over the head, to the Rayfield carburetor. 1923 and 24í (perhaps 1922) are the same

Don Hunter
250-287-4371 (Canada)


Wanted Trunk rack for a 1923-24 Special/De Luxe Sedan, Touring or Brougham. Prefer buying outright or borrow so that I can have it replicated. Please call or email with any questions or leads. Thanks! 9/07

Calvin F. Jewett
989-672-2048 (Michigan)


Wanted A circa 1920ís, two-piece, cast aluminum golf bag mount set. The circular tray-type canted base mounts on the running board and the top cradle bracket attaches to either the fender or to the side of the body (two types). Used to hold a golf bag with clubs to the side of a car. Want to buy outright or borrow so that I can have them copied. 8/07

The in-gas-tank gauge and float for a 1922-24 gas tank. 9/09

The exhaust diverter box for the rear floor heater from any year sedan. 9/09

Doug Thamert
520-444-7134 (Arizona)


Wanted Parts for a 1924 Speedster project. Remy Generator, one double bar bumper set with brackets, complete square-type rear tail lamp and license plate bar with mounting bracket. SPEEDSTER BODY similar in design to the Paige Daytona or Kissel Goldbug. 8/07

Bob Bartosch
507-446-0226(h) (Minnesota)


Wanted I need one pair of Top Bow Saddles for my 1925 Touring. 1922 thru 1925 are likely all the same design. Also a horn button. 10/07

Doug Elliot
715-723-4295 (WI)


Wanted Hood, disc wheels and any misc. small parts, for a 1926 Jewett 6-40 or 1927 Paige 6-45 with a 109" WB chassis. 08/08

Mike Martin
530-367-2131 (California, USA)


Wanted Atwater Kent, type LA distributor or distributor shaft for a Jewett motor. 1923í, 24í and 25í distributor will all work. 01/09

Call or email me

Tom Barkei
828-712-1317 (North Carolina, USA)


Wanted Round, one piece tail lamp lens that fits behind the bezel with the divisional bar through the center. 01/09

Call or email me

Robin Lewis
011-083-696-3835 (w)
011-027-482-1245 (m) (Geraldine, South Island, NZ)


Wanted Iím in desperate need of the rear U-joint and the rear-end yoke for my 1926 sedan. Also, a Model H-587 carburetor made by Johnson Company of Detroit, Michigan. 09/09

Roger Nelson
712-243-1822 or 402-669-2822 (Iowa, USA)


For Sale 1925, 55hp Jewett motor with the carburetor on the psgr side. Spare transmission, some rear end parts. Call me to discuss these. 8/07

Don Hunter
250-287-4371 (Canada)


For Sale 1922 Standard Touring. Chassis # 20968, Motor # 20826. Third oldest known car to date, restored, new upholstery, 7-coats black lacquer, have top sockets but no bows or topping. Original booklets & brochures.. Picture in Photo Gallery on this web site. Car in Greeley, CO $12,500 obo. 09/07

James Griess
Winter in AZ 623-214-2979
Summer in CO 970-352-7447



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Please contact:
T. Jack Carpenter
1638 Emmaus Walk
Conover, North Carolina 28613 USA
Telephone: 828-464-6671


For Sale 1923 Standard Touring  View Photo
Older restoration, 25 K miles. Retrofit carburetor and air cleaner, musical horns, spotlight, mirrors, top bow rests, bumpers, tool box, vacuum wiper. Complete & ready to drive or tour. $25,000 obo. 11/08

Raymond Leon
P.O. Box 375
Jewett, Ohio 43986
740-946-0031 (h)
740-946-0104 (w)


For Sale


1923´ (Some of the below might fit 1922 and 24´ model years as well)

Radiator shell: Non nickled model with surface rust, no dents.Includes original radiator which has repaired areas, but good for bottom and top tanks. Otherwise, the shell is in good and restorable condition. $40 US
Right hand Touring/Roadster front door skin with latching and part of a broken handle (extra handle included) $40 US
Transmission no rust and looks to be in good condition. (Locking security plunger is missing from shifting mechanism, otherwise complete) $150 US
Crankshaft $50 US
Camshaft $20 US
Cylinder head $40 US
Water pump housing $20 US
Steel pitman arm cover for running board $15 US
Headlamp stanchions, both right & left $20 pr, US
Coil mounting bracket $5 US
Two brass cylinder priming cocks $5 pr US
Brake and clutch arms complete with pedals $30 pr US
Rear axle assembly complete and in good condition, no braking parts included $300 US

Jewett parts for unknown years of manufacture:

Radiator shell free of dents, nickel plated but requires re-plating, highly restorable condition $40 US
Tail lamp or cowl lamp lens clear glass looks like a small rimless jar $10 US

Please contact if you have any questions or to discuss shipping

Eric Wilberg
403-346-2755 (Alberta, Canada)


For Sale Professional 8-1/2" x 11" Glossy prints, at reasonable prices and shipping, of various Jewett & Paige cars from an old ad agency collection now belonging to:

Steve Nilles
24146 Primrose Circle
Plainfield, IL 60585
View on eBay, Seller name: lawnmowerman224


For Sale 1923 Parts: Motor, clutch, transmission, hood, front fender, door for Touring car. Unfortunately there no exterior motor parts such as starter, generator, water pump or carburetor. These parts have been in the weather but they should be usable after the rust is addressed. Request the pictures he sent to Doug Thamert, Registrar. Make offer. 8/09

John Carlin
712-859-3635 (Iowa ñ USA)