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 Click to enlarge James Griess´s 1922 Standard Touring
 Click to enlarge Eric Wilberg´s Standard 1922 Roadster, renovated and tourable
 Click to enlarge Dwayne Bower's 1922 Standard Touring is available as a movie or prop rental
 Click to enlarge Andy Tuffley´s smart 1922 Special Roadster with a dickey seat and ready to tour
 Click to enlarge Ian Bloxham´s 1922 Standard Tourer, looks and drives well
 Click to enlarge Hugh Privett´s 1923 Hill-Climb Runabout, fast & fun!
 Click to enlarge Cal Jewett´s impeccably restored 1923 Special Sedan can now be seen turning heads on the Michigan roadways.
 Click to enlarge Raymond Leon´s 1923 Standard Touring with a lot of extra´s and ready to tour.
 Click to enlarge Doug Thamert´s 1923 Standard Sedan that is just a “used car” (unrestored) is shown on tour in Red River, New Mexico, altitude 8750 ft.
 Click to enlarge Dwayne Bower's 1923 Standard 4-dr Sedan not only reminds him of one his grandfather had but is available as a movie or prop rental.
 Click to enlarge David Helm´s 1923 Standard Touring that will be seen on the Pennsylvania roadways
 Click to enlarge Thomas Jewett´s Award Winning 1923 Special Touring
 Click to enlarge Thomas Jewett´s 1923 Special Touring with second spare
 Click to enlarge Bill Tilghman´s nice 1923 Special Touring
 Click to enlarge Sten Andersson´s 1923 Special Touring, renovated and tourable
 Click to enlarge Robert Liggett´s 1923 Special Roadster was purchased from
the grandson of Harry M. Jewett´s brother, Edward H. Jewett.
 Click to enlarge Robert Liggett´s 1923 Special Roadster, impeccable and restored correctly
 Click to enlarge John Anderson´s Speedster built on an original chassis with the original motor, and many special accoutrements including wooden fenders and running boards, and brass headlamps.
 Click to enlarge Harry M. Jewett II 1924 De Luxe Touring, proud of our heritage
 Click to enlarge Bob Taylor´s attractive 1924 Standard Touring has given him years of pleasurable Touring.
 Click to enlarge Forney Museum´s 1924 Deluxe Touring
 Click to enlarge Richard McLaughlin´s 1924 Standard 4-dr Sedan.
Very nice original with minor restoration and has been in his family since 1964.
 Click to enlarge Eric Jewett´s 1924 Standard Touring, attractive eye-catcher and ready to tour
 Click to enlarge Don Muirhead´s rare 1925 De Luxe Brougham
 Click to enlarge Ralph Crabtree´s 1925 De Luxe Touring, with a California top.
 Click to enlarge Moira Craw´s 1925 Boat-Tail De Luxe Roadster. Unusual and sporty, red with envy
 Click to enlarge Bob Humm´s 1925 De Luxe Tourer with 55,000 touring miles in New Zealand
 Click to enlarge Wolfgang Dresher´s 1925 De Luxe Touring, with well done and uncommon appointments
 Click to enlarge Larry Headlee's original 1925 De Luxe Touring with 4258 original miles was one of the Factory Give-Away Contest cars in 1926. Museum quality, rare find.
 Click to enlarge John Gackler´s gorgeous 1925 De Luxe 5-Psgr Sedan
 Click to enlarge Sherman Metcalf´s tourable 1925 2-dr Coach
 Click to enlarge Linn Jones 1925 Sweet Standard Coupe
 Click to enlarge Claude & Matt Jewett´s 1925/26 De Luxe 2-dr Coach, an impressive eye-catcher.
 Click to enlarge Ian Brown´s very attractive 1925/26 2dr.
De Luxe Coach can be seen on the Australian roadways. (The side-mount spare and trunk were added)
 Click to enlarge Basil Sharp´s 1925/26 De Luxe Tourer that has seen 40,000 miles of New Zealand roads
 Click to enlarge Roger Nelson has owned and drive his handsome 1926 Standard 5-psgr Sedan since 1953. (Cowl lamps added)
 Click to enlarge Reynolds-Alberta Museum´s 1926 De Luxe 5-psgr Sedan with only 3571 original miles (Canada)
 Click to enlarge Wayne Slack´s 1926 5-Psgr. De Luxe Sedan is tourable and a pleasure to drive.
 Click to enlarge Harlen Elliott´s 1926 "New Day" De Luxe 5-psgr Sedan is a Multi-Award Winner
 Click to enlarge Ted Allen & Marie´s very rare 1926/27 Cabriolet Roadster can now be seen on the roadways of New Zealand.
 Click to enlarge This unusual car was found in Australia, complete and unrestored - and look at it now!

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